Hello, I'm Kristine

For better or worse I’m prone to nostalgia. In middle and high school (to my friends annoyance) I carried around disposable cameras and documented everything because I knew the days were fleeting and life was always changing and one day I’d want to look back and “remember”. To this day whenever I’m at my parents house I dig out old photos and study them… how did my mom hold my brother when she was a fresh new mom holding her newborn... what did they choose to hang on the walls in the background… what stuffed animals were chosen to sit on my bed at the time… and what was my dad wearing…

Photographs are SO POWERFUL. They allow you to freeze time. Once we’re no longer around the photos are still here. Your kids and your kids kids can go back and see the way things were .. To remember you and the way you loved your family.

So with all that to say, lets document your days! You don’t need a huge event, or even a milestone to justify having photos taken. Your story is unfolding day by day and I’d be honored to be invited into the mundane, the ordinary, the every day and help preserve your unique story.



I know longer take on wedding clients BUT with that said, if you are having a small, intimate wedding and you were hoping I’d document it please reach out! I’m a sucker for those special ceremonies and will happily photograph one or two a year. View my Wedding Gallery.