How to Use Your Gallery

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Yay! You're images are ready...

First things first, you'll have to enter the password shared with you in your email to enter the gallery. Once you're in, scroll down you'll see all of your images. Within this gallery you can download your images, "favorite" and organize the ones you love the most, purchase prints and share images with your friends and family.

You can choose to experience viewing your images by scrolling through the entire gallery OR clicking on the first image to enlarge and then clicking the arrow through one by one. The later is my recommended choice for first time viewing.


Right under the main header image, to the right you'll see a handful of icons. The third icon from the left is a down arrow. Click this to download the entire gallery. I recommend downloading all of your images and keeping them on a hard drive and then backed up somewhere else as well. This gallery will only be available for one year after delivery.

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  1. Click the download icon
  2. Enter your email address and download pin (in original email sent from me)
  3. Make sure "Full Gallery" and "Original" size is checked. (I also like to download web size just to have.)
  4. Click "Start Download" - This may take a bit. You'll be emailed a link to download or if you stay on that screen a link will appear you can click.
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You can also download individual images by hovering over the image and clicking the download icon.

Opening Your Photos After Download

Your photos will be downloaded as a ".zip" file folder. Check the downloads section on your computer, and follow the instructions below to un-zip your files based on the type of computer you own.

How to Unzip files in Windows

How to unzip files on your Mac

Create a Favorites List

Anytime you hover your mouse over an image, whether in gallery mode or clicked in on an image, icons will appear on the top right. Click the "heart" icon to add an image to your favorites. The first time you favorite an image it will ask for your email.

To access your list of favorite images, from the gallery view find the "heart" icon in the upper right before all of the images begin. (Right next to the download icon). There will be a red dot on the heart meaning you've favorited some images.

Once you click into your favorites you'll have access to rename your list and/or add additional list. This is a great way to organize your images if that's something you'd like to do. (ie. for social media, for grandparents, to print, etc.)

You can download just the images in a favorites lists by clicking into your list and then clicking the download arrow in the upper right. (follow same steps from full gallery download) For example you could make a list for sharing on social media and then download those images at web size.

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If you've created multiple favorite lists when you click the heart on an image you can choose which list to add it to. 

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Purchasing Prints

You are free to purchase prints from where ever you'd like but to make things easy for you I offer professional prints through the gallery. To order a print:

  1. Hover over the image you'd like to print and click on the "shopping cart" in the upper right
  2. This will take you to a screen to choose size and quantity. 
  3. You can check out by clicking on the shopping cart from the main gallery which will show a red circle with the amount of items in your cart.
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Please let me know if there's a product you were looking for that you don't see on this list.


There is a sharing icon on each individual image and the gallery as a whole. You can choose to share images with your friends and family through email or to any of your social media platforms.

You're free to share the entire gallery with friends and family but only your email will have access to download. Please let me know if you'd like additional emails to be added. 


I hope this helps you use your photo gallery to it's full potential.  If you have any other questions or are still confused with anything please email me at

Thank you!